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Technical Specifications

UNiLITE Blocks are UNique and LITE. We have put a lot of efforts to make it suitable to your needs keeping in mind the practical usage of the blocks.

Following are the technical specifications of the block –

Sr. No. Parameters UNiLITE Blocks
1 Sizes 600mm x 200mm x 75-300mm
2 Precision in size + – 1mm
3 Compressive Strength 3.0 to 4.0 N/mm2
4 Dry Density 700-800 kg/m3 (Oven Dry)
5 Fire Resistance 4-6 Hrs (on 200mm Thick Wall)
6 Sound Reduction Index (db) 45db for 200mm Thick Wall
7 Thermal Conductivity (k) 0.13 w/m.k
8 Water Absorption 10-17% of Dry Density


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