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Edge-Vantages of UNiLITE

  • Light in Weight

UNiLITE Blocks are lighter in weight with a density of 750kg/m3. This in comparison to normal bricks is 55% less. The 55% reduction in weight of the bricks reduces the dead load on the structure by about 20-25%. This gives you huge savings in foundation and structure of about 10-15%. The report of the same is here.

  • Quick and Easier Assembly

The blocks are much larger in size than the normal bricks. A block of 600 x 200 x 100 size is 7.11 times larger than a normal brick. Being larger in size, it speeds up the construction process which in turn reduces the labour cost. Moreover the blocks are easier to handle being light in weight and reduces the carrying cost.

  • Saves in Material and Labour

The larger size of blocks reduces the requirement of the jointing mortar. Moreover, the accurate dimensions facilitate the use of minimum thickness of the joints and of the plaster which further reduces the mortar required. The jointing mortar is reduced by 75% down to 25% as compared to the mortar used in traditional bricks, the requirement of plaster at the same time is reduced by 50%. This reduction results savings in Material and Labour.

  • Better Strength

UNiLITE blocks have a strength of 3.5 N/mm2 and above. The strength required for brick walls as per IS code is 2.5N/mm2 and thus this is more than required. Moreover, the UNiLITE blocks has high cement content which results in continuous increase in strength for a period of more than 6 months after which the ultimate strength achieved is more than 4.5 – 5 N/mm2. The report of the same is attached here.

  • Low Drying Shrinkage

UNiLITE Blocks comes with polypropylene fibres like no other block in Ce. Drying Shrinkage results in cracks in wall and the same is controlled by polypropylene fibres. It acts as a reinforcement to the blocks and even adds to the strength.

  • Lower Water Absorption

Water absorption plays an important role in any brick masonry. More water absorption invites more troubles as it results in increased drying shrinkage and hence cracks. It also results in seepages through walls and is very harmful for walls. UNiLITE blocks have a very low water absorption of only 12% and does not allow any seepage through the blocks.

  • Fire Resistant

UNiLITE Blocks are fire resistant. These blocks does not catch fire and safe for being used in any construction activity. It does not release any toxins when come in contact with fire. The report of the same is available here.

  • Superior Sound Insulation

UNiLITE blocks have excellent sound (acoustic) insulation properties. These blocks avoids the noise from the surroundings and make your home a peaceful place.

  • Cool in Summers and Warm in Winters (Thermal Insulation)

UNiLITE Blocks offer superior thermal insulating properties. This makes your home cooler in summers and warmer in winters. It results in lower electricity cost due to reduced air-conditioning loads. The report of the same can be found here.

  • More Carpet Area

Highly accurate and smooth walls reduce the plaster thickness (and costs) which gives you more carpet area.

  • Any finish of your Choice

You can opt for any finish on walls – external plastering, tiling, cladding, internal tiling, dry lining, spray plaster or anything of your choice.

  • Ecological Advantage

UNiLITE Blocks are Green Blocks. No Green house gases are emitted during the manufacturing process. Moreover, Valuable top soil is also not consumed in the process as in the case of the tradition Red Clay Bricks.

  • Reliable and Consistent

State of the art plant ensures that UNiLITE blocks are consistent with their strength and dimensions.

  • Round the Year Availability

UNiLITE Blocks are available throughout the year; even during monsoons when the availability of the Red Clay Bricks is not consistent.

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